Research and development

In our research we follow the principle : "What else to do in order to offer you even better products?". The best business achievements are almost always based on innovations – new ideas, new projects, new products. For a pharmaceutical company the greatest satisfaction is certainly the formulation of a new product, the more so if it is based on months or years of laborious team work.

Everything begins with an idea – a health problem and the related troubles are thoroughly studied along with possible natural substances, vitamins, minerals or plant extracts the composition of can help in dealing with specific troubles. When an optimum combination of active substances has evetually been chosen, high grade raw materials are selected and the production process begins. During the whole process, raw materials as well as products undergo numerous, complex in-process quality controls, At the same time, professional information and promotional materials for pharmacists and physicians are prepared, and the visual identity of the product under process defined. The finished products undergo another rigorous analysis in official health care institutions which issue the necessary permissions and quality certificates. Our products are the ultimate result.